Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band 'penultimate gig'

Hailsham, 6 December 2014

. . . and what a feast of senior cultural endeavour - one and all!

Great gig guys but viewing a short video clip of My Pink Half of the Drainpipe has led me to larf so much my neighbour has threatened to paint over mine - outraged I fear we will have to entrench prior to the possibility of escalation into a Drainpipe War!! BTW it was good natured of Rodney Slater to take on his promised bass-clarinet solo after a Roger Ruskin-Spear senior moment - forgetting about it mid-number - such gracious improvising!

Suffering a similar syndrome I missed the first couple of numbers due to forgetting I had left an anti-alias video filter implanted in my Nikon with the extraction tweezers remaining in the car - what on earth has inspired such a confession?!!

Here's a pic selection (although its heartening to see 'the last wave' used as the new Facebook Bonzo homepage shot, I'm sure I speak for millions across the planet in requesting 'a return' after a sufficient resuscitation period!):

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